Massage for an Active Life.

MoveHappy is movement-based massage therapy in support of stronger performance, healthier activity and an adventurous life!  Whether you’re a runner, paddler, dancer, dog walker, gardener or just want to move better, there is something here for you.


What kind of massage is this?

Sports and Orthopedic massage is the only kind of massage I do - it's not an afterthought on a long list of massage offerings. It's the focus of my technique, education and all of my work with you. Sports massage centers on the way your body moves and the tissues that are involved when you're performing. Orthopedic massage is about treating pain, injuries, tightness and other movement restrictions to help keep you moving at your best!

Laura Owen, LMT (MAT# 14758), grew up in outback Australia and relocated to New York City to become a professional  dancer. I’m now a runner and paddler who finds satisfying work in helping active people maintain healthy bodies and continue achieving whatever their hearts (and legs) desire.

My work is for those who care about the details, work hard and want to do even better, and want to stay healthy. My practice uses evidence-based techniques focused directly on the reason you walked into my office. I look forward to helping you meet your goals!

Online Scheduling

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