Massage FAQ

Do I really have time for a massage?

Yes! You can get massage at three locations in downtown Honolulu or Niu Valley. Mobile massage in your home or office is available anywhere on O’ahu. All you have to do is enjoy the results of a body that moves better and feels better. You definitely have time.

I now also provide sports and orthopedic massage at OrthoSport, located in Clark Hatch Fitness Center (downtown Honolulu) and in Niu Valley. Be sure to check out OrthoSport’s website for complete wellness packages that include massage, personal training, wellness and nutrition appointments.

What kind of massage do you do?

Sports massage, Swedish/Deep Tissue, Lomilomi and Clinical Orthopedic Massage. Click here for more information about the techniques I use for Sports and Orthopedic massages.

How come you don’t offer Deep Tissue massage?

I do. Deep Tissue is part of almost every massage I perform. Deep Tissue is commonly and mistakenly booked as a firm pressure Swedish massage (and usually priced higher!).  Deep Tissue is actually a different set of techniques that have a “deep” effect but may not even feel firm. This set of techniques works best when combined with other strokes, which is why I don’t offer it alone.

I also do not book massages based solely on pressure preference; rather, I book based on your desired experience and outcome. Check out my Sports Massage page to find out more.

What kind of massage should I get?

Sore from your favorite sport? Have a recurring injury? Sports massage, which incorporates Clinical Orthopedic Massage, is aimed at helping anyone regain or maintain their active status. This kind of work encourages your participation.

Need help recovering from injury or chronic pain? Clinical Orthopedic Massage focuses on specific problems. Anything from bad posture to serious injury can benefit.

Just need to relax for awhile? Swedish/Deep Tissue is a perfect way to wind down and get some feel-great work done. I can focus on problem areas without disturbing your relaxation.

Lomilomi is a great option if you need to relax and recover. Lomi uses long, rhythmic strokes and traditionally supports both mind and body recovery. The intent is different than other modalities; if you are looking for deep or specific work I recommend Swedish/Deep Tissue.

What should I wear to my massage?

Sports massage is not a full-body relaxation massage. You should bring athletic shorts or some other bottom that makes your leg muscles accessible, and women who need upper-body work should bring a sports bra or string-tie bikini top.

Therapeutic massage (Swedish and Lomilomi) is performed unclothed but fully draped.

I’m not an athlete, I just have this annoying neck pain. What kind of massage should I get?

That depends on your goals. If you really just want to unwind and get some feel-good work done, therapeutic massage will have you feeling a lot better!

If you are prepared to collaborate with me and spend some of your time on orthopedic assessment, sports and clinical orthopedic massage are options that may provide a more immediate and lasting change.

Can you treat injuries?

Yes. I have been trained in orthopedic assessment for massage and have a strong background in anatomy and kinesiology (how bodies move). Some acute injuries are not immediately treatable with massage, so let me know when you book if you’ve recently been seriously hurt.

The caveat: an LMT cannot legally make a diagnosis, and if you do have an injury it always helps me to know exactly what it is. So, part of our process may involve a recommendation that you check in with a physical therapist or other specialist.