Sports and Orthopedic Massage

Here it is: the nitty gritty.

What is involved in Sports Massage?

Sports Massage focuses on muscle groups that are used (and sometimes abused!) in your specific sport to help solve and avoid common problems and injuries. The aim is to help active people give their top performances without pain and injury.

My sports massage maintenance work – the stuff that keeps you on the go – involves these powerful techniques:

Muscle Energy Technique has neuromuscular and mechanical components that help get rid of tight spots and painful areas using your muscle’s own power to stretch through barriers in the muscle. MET’s suitability for healthy muscles that are hindered by tight areas makes it ideal for athletes and dancers.

Positional Release is a unique, passive and painless technique that can be invaluable in resolving tension left over from past muscle traumas, as well as treating acute injury. When this kind of work is appropriate to your pain or injury, it can be one of the few instant fixes in life!

Soft Tissue Release (Pin & Stretch) is a mechanical technique that gets rid of areas in your muscle tissue that have adhered due to injury repair, misuse or, of course, bad posture. Because it’s application is so precise, it can be used in the tissue surrounding an injury without danger to the injury itself. Good examples are the tissue around a hamstring strain or tight shoulders on computer users.

Neuromuscular Therapy recognizes the nervous system’s role in muscle tightness and works to reset your muscle’s interpretation of a neutral tone through gentle but deep work with trigger and reflex points.

What is Clinical Orthopedic Massage?

Clinical Orthopedic Massage (COM) is a system of assessment and treatment focused on a specific muscle or soft tissue problem. A variety of techniques (see above) are used to treat the problem and help prevent its recurrence. This is not relaxation massage, but bodywork aimed solely at helping your body recover.

I’m currently working towards full-body certification in COM through the Orthopedic Massage Education and Research Institute (OMERI). I continually add to and adapt my process as I learn more from this great resource.